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IOS Application Development

(swift from scratch)

Course Structure: Total Lectures: 16

What Will You Learn?

  • How to build any app you want
  • Build fully-fledged apps for your startup or business
  • Craft a portfolio of apps to apply for junior developer jobs
  • Work as a freelance IOS developer.


  • No programming experience needed – Instructor will teach you everything you need to know
  • A Mac laptop or iMac (or a PC running macOS)
  • We will walk you through, step-by-step how to get Xcode installed set up
  • No paid software required – all apps will be created in Xcode 9 (which is free) .

Training Course Outline.

Lecture 1: Introduction to programming (Swift)

  • Installing XCode.
  •  Creating and playing with code in XCode Playground.
  •  Variable, constants, arrays.
  •  If-else Conditions.
  •  Functions.
  •  Loops.
  •  Lab

Lecture 2: Basics of iOS (Introduction to XCode)

  •  Setting up simulator.
  •  Going through With XCode.
  • How to Properly Create a New Xcode Project.
  •  What is a Bundle Identifier?
  •  How to Position User Interface (UI) Elements.
  • What is Property Inspector.
  • Run and Test Your App.

Lecture 3: Creating Hello World and Guess Number App

  •  Let’s Design the User Interface Using Storyboards.
  •  Create your first app.
  •  Create your second app.
  •  Run app on physical device.

Lecture 4: Switch statements, Pick a Fruit app, World capitals app.

  •  Intro to Switch Statements.
  • Adding images in project.
  •  Intro to Picker View in Xcode.
  •  Making third app ‘Pick a Fruit app’.
  •  Intro to Multi-Component Picker View in Xcode.
  •  Making app ‘World capitals’.

Lecture 5: iOS Auto Layout and Setting Constraints.

  • Why Do We Need Auto Layout?
  •  Responsiveness of app on all screens.
  • Auto Layout in Practice – Setting Constraints.
  •  [Lab] Use What You Just Learnt to Practice Auto Layout.

. Lecture 6: Handling Dynamic Contents (Table views in iOS) + Shopping List app.

  •  Intro to Table Views.
  •  Table view classes.
  •  Table view cells.
  •  Table view cell classes.
  •  Using Table view in View Controller.
  •  Populate table views with dynamic data.
  •  Make App ‘Shopping List app’.
  •  Lab.

Lecture 7: Handling Dynamic Horizontal Contents (Collection views in iOS) + Interlinking multiple View Controller.

  •  Intro to Collection Views.
  •  Collection view classes.
  •  Collection view cells.
  •  Collection view cell classes.
  • Using Collection view in View Controller.
  •  Populate Collection views with dynamic data.
  •  Moving to new view controller.
  •  Passing data to another view controller.
  •  Lab.

Lecture 8: Multimedia in iOS + Alerts in iOS.

  •  Alert views.
  •  Action Sheets.
  •  Capture pictures From Camera.
  •  Get Pictures From Gallery.
  •  Lab

Lecture 9: Social Media Interaction.

  •  Login with Facebook.
  •  Add app in Facebook developers.
  •  Get user credentials.

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