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HTML5 & CSS: introduction (stage 1)

Start learning the formatting languages used to create web pages and construct a website in which various pages are linked together using HTML5, the latest standard for HTML, and CSS. This course is also suitable for people who want to update the content on an existing website.

What is the course about?

This course will teach you how to use HTML5 and CSS to create simple web pages using the free source code editor Notepad++.

What will we cover?

– Introduction to HTML5 and an overview of the World Wide Web
– Structure of Uniform Resource Locators
– Understanding the structure of a web page
– Meta tags and search engines
– Validating web pages
– Using CSS to style and format a webpage
– Using Hyperlinks in your webpages.
– Inserting images into webpages
– Creating lists and tables
– More on styles: the id and class Selectors.
– Publish websites through the FTP intranet server.

What will I achieve?
By the end of this course you should be able to…

Create HTML5 documents and define Meta tags.
Create simple web pages incorporating text and images.

Apply Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format your web pages.
Set formatting to style a single element or a group of elements.
Create tables using the new HTML5 elements and attributes.
Insert hyperlinks into your webpage
Plan and structure a simple web site in which a number of pages are linked together.
Upload your website to the FTP intranet server and test it with various browsers.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

This course is aimed at beginners to HTML5 & CSS.

You should have knowledge of :
– Basic file management (opening, saving, copying and moving files on a computer)
– Using the World Wide Web (www)
– Using a simple Word Processor or text editor

You should also be able to follow spoken and written instructions and add, subtract, multiply and divide.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

– Each student has their own computer.
– Presentations will be made using computers, whiteboard, overhead screen and printed notes.
– Step by step instruction/ demonstration and hands on exercises to practice HTML code and CSS syntax which will help you grasp all concepts.

Are there any other costs? Is there anything I need to bring?

You will need to bring a memory stick, pen and paper.

When I’ve finished, what course can I do next?

HTML5 and CSS: intermediate (stage 2), WordPress:introduction, build a webite with WordPress.

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