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Android Application Development .

Course Structure: Total Lectures: 16.

Training Course Outline.

 Lecture 1 : Introduction to programming (Java).

Installing Eclipse IDE. Variable, constants, arrays. If-else Conditions. Loops. Lab.

 Lecture 2 : Introduction to programming (Java)

Classes. Inheritance. Abstraction, Encapsulation. Polymorphism. Lab.

Lecture 3 :  Basics of Android (Introduction to Android Studio)

Installing Android Studio. (Sdk). Setting up emulator. Going through With Android Studio.(Explanation of IDE). Packages , API Levels.

Lecture 4 : Creating Hello World App In Android.

Creating First App. Resources folders. Gradle (app level, project level). Manifest File. Intro To Layouts. Lab.

Lecture 5 : Main Building Blocks (Part 1).

Activities. Activity lifecycle. Intents. Moving Between Activities. Transfer Data Between Activities. Lab.

Lecture 6 : Main Building Blocks (Part 2).

Services . Content Providers. Broadcast Receivers. Lab. Lecture 7: Fragments. What are Fragments. Fragment life cycle. Attaching with activities. Passing data between fragments and activities. Lab.

Lecture 8 : Basic Android User Interface.

Intro To Xml. Views and layouts. Common UI components. Handling user events. Lab.

Lecture 9 : Advanced Android User Interface.

List Views. Grid View. Lab. Lecture 10 : Multimedia in Android. Capture pictures From Camera. Get Pictures From Gallery. Lab.

Lecture 11 : Saving user information.

Shared Preferences. Introducing SQLite. SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database. Opening and closing a database. Working with cursors Inserts, updates, deletes. Lecture 12: Mapping and Location Based Services. Using Location Based Services. Finding Your Location. Using the Geocoder. Lab.

Lecture 13 : Json.

Json (What is Json). Json Array,s and Json Objects . First Look in json. Parsing of Json. Bacis About Network Request. Assigning you your Final Project.

Lecture 14: Using The Best Network Request API (Part 1).

Volley (Best Network Request API). Getting Data From Live Server. Decoding Data from JSON. Lab.

Lecture 15 : Using The Best Network Request API (Part 2).

Studing Advance Custom Listviews. Using Json to show Data into List View (Text and pictures). Lab. Lecture 16: Final app Development and testing and deployment to play store.

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